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INNER Saxophone alto et bande

INNER Saxophone alto et bande


Pour saxophone alto et bande.

Durée 9'



Pour saxophone alto et bande
(to Nikita Zimin)

I met Nikita for the first time in Gap.
It was a year when I was exceptionally on the ground floor, in a classroom smaller than usual, putting me de facto close or even in the privacy of students.
He played Franck's sonata.
As expected, his mere presence,
his look, his concentration and his very upright posture already sounded like a challenge.
The Russian soul came with respect and politeness, without a priori,
but nevertheless asked to judge facts about the little Frenchman.

Fortunately, I had a psychological advantage since Margerita Shaposnikova, the high priestess of the Tsar's school,
had fallen in love with me a little while ago ;-) ... !!! (My respects Milady)

What to add that Franck was “my” music...

The class was rich, at least to me ! I remember I gave my best.
Nikita has always had an elegant charisma coupled with a flawless motivation.
His musical inspiration and his artistic identity testified to a real depth of inspiration. And I loved that !

Little by little, over the years, he has proven to be a incredible technician and an awsome competitor. His first “Dinant” was remarkable.
Returning 4 years later by being condemned to have the first prize (since he had already the 2nd) was a crazy challenge that can only arouse admiration.

Who can be strong enough to take the risk to be less placed in such tough and hazardous competition ? He did. And his final success deserves immeasurable respect and have made him enter into the legend.

Then started his international career, and came the Rondo Capriccioso, The Carnival of Venice, Paganini and La Campanella ...
A wave of super fast notes, altissimo register and double staccato... Always faster, always higher...

Nikita Zimin is today synonymous with instrumental excellence, performance and efficiency. Like all great soloists, he is a reference for the younger generation and his choices in terms of play, repertoire and career will inevitably influence many saxophonists of tomorrow.

I share with him a love for martial arts.
There is a somewhat simplistic view that separates the external and internal arts. Although too manichean, this idea has the merit of being explicit for the general public. "Inner" is a message, an invitation not to abandon the internal.
I have nothing to teach him today, of course.
I do not have the level any more to give him any lesson.
I do not even have authority to give a simple advice.

I then allow myself to simply evoke a wish, friendly, that he will hear ... or not.

The Nikita I admire does not need to do a triple salto to impress me.
The Nikita I love plays only one note but, takes the time to fully charge it with emotion. The Nikita that I hope is the one who will unite internal and external powers
to transmit to the youngest a complete and sublimating mastering of our art.

His talent is immense, he has this power.
From my point of view, that therefore gives him the duty.


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