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Rhapsodie concertante pour saxophone solo, harpe, vibraphone et cordes



Ensemble de saxophones du CRR LYON

fête ses 25 ans !


"Straight Ahead" was originally to be called "Légende".

There was (and still is) this old fantasy of writing a piece in halftones, full of arabesques, evoking if not the quality at least the typically French poetic universe that Schmitt has magnified and dedicated to our instrument. After a first attempt which finally gave birth to the "Rêverie" for soprano saxophone and small ensemble dedicated to Asya Fateyeva, I again failed to keep my bet.


The legend went round and round. The loops that occupied my brain generated other loops without ever producing the beautiful inspiration so much expected. In desperation, I simply decided to write these loops.


The loops often come in the mountains, when the hours pass by and the rhythm of the steps takes its toll on the body and forges the mind. Sometimes they are solidly installed, powerful and unperturbed. Other times they are fragile, unstable, tired and permeable to the slightest external influence. The loops are sometimes joy and euphoria of the second breath, sometimes pain and rattle of the bruised lungs.


When the loop turns into an obsession, it is inevitably perverted, instantly or in a longer and insidious way, slowly. The dichotomy that inhabits me between a majestic mountain nature that amazes my senses and these damn loops that pollute my mind forces me to quickly find a way out.


The title "straight ahead" is simply the only accessible and acceptable solution: go ahead, straight ahead, continue, whatever happens. I know that I have to keep on going, even if it means repeating myself, but there is also this call, this sounding call that invites me to lay down my arms and rest.


Whether we run away to forget what is behind us or whether we run to try to reach what is in front of us; in any case, the trap...is the loop.



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